Dzharimov Rashid Izoldovich, the head of LLC PSA “Shield”

38645Dzharimov Rashid Izoldovich, the head of LLC PSA “Shield” which was formed to provide highly professional security services and social adaptation of veterans of local conflicts. He has higher education, speaks fluently English, he is a member of combat operations.

In 1992 he graduated from the All-Union Center training courses of bodyguards (Moscow).
In 1995 he completed a course of training of managers and technicians of security services of JSC “Novo”.
He participated in the fighting in Chechnya, 2005. – 2008, Military unit 46266, 551 Tv. OSpN 10OBrSpN scout sniper.
In 2009 training Center “Law and Practice” – program on management training of private security organizations.
In 2012 the course “International Bodyguard Association (IBA).
In 2013 counterterrorism course with the skills of intervention and countermeasures in accordance with the methodology Counter Terrorist Team of ILETA (International Law Enforcement Agency).
In 2013. Professional training of specialist – instructors sea and land special system of counter-terrorism, SEALFCI program.

He has national awards:

  1. Order of Courage №44283, Presidential decree of RF №941, dated May 25, 2000).
  2. Medal «For Bravery» (№30706, Presidential decree of RF №414, dated 21.02.2000).

He is decorated by public awards:
1.​ Medal «For military bravery» (Presidential decree Movement «Brothers in arms» №225, dated June 28, 2005).
2.​ Medal «For service in Caucasus» (order №239 dated November 09,2007. Union “Raiders of Russia”).
3.​ Medal «For honor » (order №1, dated 23.05 2007 Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan).
4.​ Medal «For honor» (president’s order №321, dated October 23, 2007. Movement «Brothers in arms»).
5.​ Medal «For peace-enforcement» (decision №26, dated August 14, 2008, Union “Raiders of Russia”).
6.​ Medal «15 years of LLC IVA» (government resolution dated April 04, 2006, All-Russian organization of war veteran of Afghanistan).
7.​ Medal «20 years of withdrawal of Sovietic troops from Afghanistan» (decision of Orgcommittee record №3, dated September 12, 2008).
8.​ Medal «80 years of ОSОVIАKHМ, DOSAAF ROSTO» (order №50п dated18.01.2007)
9.​ Medal “Patriots of Russia” (№ а-5511, 21.04.2010.)
10.​ Medal “For honor of patriotic education of young people”
Thanked and awarded numerous diplomas:
State Council-Khasse of the Republic of Adygheya, “For faultless service” (military unit 46266), for an active public work, for his great personal contribution to the veteran movement and active participation in the veterans’ movement and the military – patriotic education of youth.